6th Annual Disc Golf Tournament of Fun!


Time to put the word out about the 6th Annual Doc Morrison Disc Golf Tournament of Fun! June 10 2018 10am start time.

Psyched to be back at Ghost Town Disc Golf Course 

Sticking with

A Competitive Group and a Fun Group. The idea being that some people would have more fun with side contests of fun. The Competitive Group will start it out at 10am and the others to follow. Most of this is on the fly so lets have a great day.

Players pick which way you want to play 

  • Competitive Group pricing 20$ (10$ to course & 10$ to winners purse Men's & Women's prizes)
  • Fun Group 10$ which goes to course and you are playing for your pride and merch (Doc Morrison frisbees, t shirts, etc). 
  • Fun Disc holes will include Best Sox, Most Unique Disc with suggestions open for use (send me an email).

the groups will be defined by how many people register and show up. We are limited to 30+ people so get back to me quick. I will try to get repeat disc golfers in with priority.

Good Love CBD have will be there with us may be judging closest to the cage on hole 4 

Send Me an email telling Competative vs Fun to reserve your spot to DocMorrison12@gmail.com. You will get an email back when I figure out that list confirming your entry and then we will see you up there ready for a beautiful Russel Gultch day (where the Ghost Town Disc Golf Course is located).

Haven't filled up before and I never know what to expect. I am going to try to keep it simple so I can play along too. 

Cool that it has gone on for 6 years now. 

Thanks for that and your support.

Peter Pryor, MD MPH