A man named Fish

Last week I met a man named Fish.  He is from Ethiopia and is a small business owner near me and I had stopped by to purchase some wine.  He was standing outside his business on West Colfax as I was leaving and we had a conversation that has stuck in my mind.  He asked how things were going and I told him "Great" but then I described the many things I was worried about on that day.  He told me how he went to University here in the states and that his life had twisted and turned in so many directions.  I told him about the struggles I have had finding the right people to work here and the different ways of trying to get more people coming in.  For some reason he then told me that he had cancer and if I remember correctly pancreatic cancer. He was optimistic.  I get emotional these days when people tell me they are sick.  I think about my uncle.  And then I realized that this man named Fish was reminding me of the same thing that many of the patients I see remind me of on a daily basis.  What ever your worries are there is someone very near you worrying about something more intense or more real than your worries.  I find myself very lucky to be in Colorado at this time.  I have a chance to hear incredible stories of strength, happiness, near death, injury, pain and triumph every day.  So I tell myself to listen to the daily reminders.  Pay attention to my own worries but for me to be truly alive I have to overcome the noise of the day to day.  Fish and I spoke of this as well.  I told him that he had helped me remind myself of this, again.  Allowing myself to turn down the day to day allows me to pay attention to the beauty in life.  I have never felt so alive as I do right now.  Thanks to Fish and the many conversations I have on a daily basis I am alive.