"Your waiting room is a HELL of a lot better than the DMV."


"Depends on what you do during the day as to what hurts during the night."


"I don't think I'm long for this vessel."


Phone call after hours:

"Doc Morrison's this is Dr Pryor"

"Yeah I was wondering if I could still come in tonight to make a donation."

"Uh, no we are closed for tonight."

"Is this the blood bank?"

"No I am a Doctor who does evaluations for people looking for their Medical Marijuana license."

"Oh, I was trying to call the blood bank so I could donate plasma so I could come see you."


Semi dramatic Lady bursts into the waiting room: "I have Strep throat.  I think I have Strep."

"I only do evaluations for patients looking for medical marijuana."

"So youuu?  You don't do any?  This is weird.  You don't do any…"

She sat in the waiting room with her husband for awhile and then left.