We are gonna need a bigger boat

in trying to make plans for the upcoming south park fest i have realized that what i have been chasing may be around the corner and may be a bigger beast than i expected.  i am doubling up on the notaries i am working with.  do not yet know where i will be stationed or any details.  i love it.  the way i look at it is worst case scenario i go to south park with Shawn and Brad and we sit around in a tent telling stories while playing frisbee golf.  oh yeah trying to get some discs made up for the event.  they might be cool.  best case scenario we have many patients looking for evaluations and we become the well oiled machine i hope we become.  it is almost 2pm and i am going to widespread panic in my back yard tonight.  better get ready and not push it too hard.  do not want to end up upside down in a bush... again