How's it going?

Just ending my 3rd week with the doors open.  It is exciting but I found myself annoyed yesterday.  Backing up a bit I have noticed that many drivers are self absorbed selfish jerks.  My two most favorite hated moves I have seen at least a couple of times are firstly the aggressive highway merge coming off a circular entry from another road.  I am in the slow lane and there is a car that is going to be entering the highway.  With a recklessness of a 6 year old they come flying around the merge curve at highway speeds.  It is unclear that they understand the idea of merge.  They come at me as if it is me that is merging into their world.  I either slow down letting them continue onto their emergency or I hold my line and hope their car has the suspension, and their brain and body have the coordination to finish their turn into warp speed.  I have been flipped off for this on more than one occasion.  My other most favorite hated move is again dealing with the merge.  This again occurs on the merge onto the highway.  These booger eaters come whipping from behind me crossing quickly out of the merge lane into the first traffic lane and put the pedal to the metal.  This puts me in the position of attempting to drag race for my life against much newer, faster cars.  So what the heck am i talking about.  I am talking about a day I had a few days ago where everyone seemed to have gathered early in the day and figured out what string of things they could say or do to me to make my day as crappy as it could be.  morning noon and night. The question that got me the most that day was "How is your business going?"  My sense was that people were hoping that it was not going well.  I should have just gone home.  So as I thought about all the people on the road and all the people during that day I thought about something my brother had told me.  Maybe all these angry people reflect something emanating from myself.  Maybe everyone annoyed me because of my eyes and not their actions.  Although I think the business is going great there are huge areas for improvement.  This is what I find exciting, developing the business.  Finding ways to bring people in and make them want to come back.  Make them want to tell their friends.   I am striving to be the nicest most positive most helpful person I can be.  We are going to try an ad in West Word.  We will see.  That my friends, is how it's going.