Surround yourself with positive people

I had an interesting conversation with a person who had helped me take a look at my 2909 building to see if he thought it was possible to do what I wanted to do.  He looked at it 4 months ago and told me he did not think it was a good idea.  I took that to heart and almost didn't do it.  Thanks in part to my real estate agent saying "f... that guy"  we persisted and were able to buy the building and get the certificate of occupancy which allowed the opening of my dream for the past year.  Doc Morrison is the personality that gets to do what I want to do but haven't for fear of one thing or another.  It took work and vision and money to get that Certificate and the people that I have encountered at the city of Wheat Ridge, contracting and otherwise have all told me that it was a pleasure doing business with me.  I thanked him again last night and HE asked ME if HE had steered me right.  I think by the mere getting the doors open implies that he didn't but I didn't want to be a jerk.  "your opinion helped me greatly in analyzing the pros and cons"  and i meant it.  He starts telling me all the reasons my ideas are bad or "come on man you have to be legitimate"  I am legitimate.  I am a Doctor.  I help people.  and I am loving getting started.  The conversation ended with him pointing his finger at me twice telling me that the people of the town I now live are "worried about people like people are worried about you" finger point.  I stood up and told him I thought he was very negative.  I could sense his dislike of me.  Of course he told me the building was a piece of crap 4 months ago.  For some reason he doesn't believe in me or what I am doing.  Which brings me back to my favorite quote of recent, "Surround yourself with positive people.  People who believe you can do what you are trying to do."  F that guy.  I walked out and enjoyed the view.  I was upset some how.  But as I thought about it I knew that he does not believe I can do what I am trying to do.  Tomorrow I leave for the American Safari Ranch for South Park Fest.  I am psyched.