Things are getting going!

Haven't had time to post anything recently.  Still trying to get out every day if I can to throw some discs and consider the day and imagine the future.  We saw 12 patients yesterday.  It doesn't sound like much but it made me feel like the business is viable.  Doc Morrison word of mouth is being spread.  We are nice, keep consistent pricing and know that we exist to serve the patient.   I evaluated one man yesterday who is dying from pancreatic cancer. He seems like an amazing person and is coping much better than I would expect. My uncle died from pancreatic cancer.  For some reason it is much more difficult to control my emotions here in this office compared with working in the Emergency Department.  There I was able to bare witness to a hundred horrible things happening a night to a variety of adults and sometimes children.  I was numb to it.  I watched and knew the implications of the injuries and illness but it was just one of the facts we had to blend into the equation.  Here at my new office I find it challenging to get through difficult conversations without a frog getting stuck in my throat.  He seems like an amazing person and is coping much better than I would expect.  This job seems like something that I am good at doing.  Life in the ED was crushing me.  Last night I enjoyed the songs played by the students at swallow hill.  It made me realize how many beautiful things there are in life.  I think what it made me realize, again, is that if the guy that is dying from pancreatic cancer can smile and make plans for the future and not feel sorry for himself, then I have to try to do better, live more.  Smile, try to stay healthy, pass on positive thoughts, love your family and friends and be happy.