Disc Golf Lightning

Yesterday I left the office needing a bit of the disc.  I was throwing well.  Disc Golf has been my sanctuary over the past year.  I was looking back through some pictures yesterday and I found that I have changed my exterior life significantly over the past year.  My job, my future, my outlook on life and I have even grown my first beard mustache combo and lost some weight.  I have gained confidence and I believe in what I am doing.  As I congratulated myself I realized that they sky was giving a beautiful show of power, majesty and beauty.  I quit playing disc golf (say what?) early so i could take some pictures.  The clouds were the color of molten glass.  The sky was on fire.  I took many pictures and decided enough for one night.  On my way home I was being hunted by a wall of weather passing just east of red rocks heading south towards me.  I wanted to capture the elusive electricity know as lightning with my camera.  I am very afraid of lightning.  As Doc Morrison would do I am facing my fears.  As I found my place to await and photograph this angry little fierce storm I realized something.  I realized that I have grown enormous confidence over the past 6 months.  It gave me goosebumps.  I am doing something here and now that I love.  Lightning was everywhere.  I took over 500 pictures to get about 10 that captured a strike or some evidence of a strike.  When hunting lightning you have to put yourself in harms way.  You have to put yourself in the path of the storm and wait for it to hit.