Renewal of 93 and 94 year old couple's MMJ Licenses.

I was pretty darned excited when last year I had the chance to see a 90+ year old couple who had never tried marijuana.  They both had pain issues and were looking for something that would give them pain relief without the "high".  I introduced them to the idea of edibles and CBD's and for the past year I bragged that my oldest patients were 92 and 93.  Well guess what, they are a year older and a year wiser and they came back because they had found their life had been improved with medical marijuana.  During the course of the meeting I found myself giving the woman who we will call Bonnie advice about healthy living and it dawned on me that I was giving advice to a 94 year old person on how to live healthily.  I laughed and told her she should ignore everything I had told her and continue to do exactly what she had been doing for the past 93 years.  She took a moment to reflect on that and then said "I guess the secret to my longevity is… movement."  I am glad when I get lucky and shut up and listen.  Time to get moving.