Question to Ronny Jackson as he Withdraws As VA Nominee

Ronny Jackson the person Donald Trump wanted to be in charge of VA seems to have been sponsored by PERCOCET. Handing out prescription pain KILLERS and wrecking cars after drinking at Secret Service parties. Our Veterans deserve better. Our Veterans are struggling and need leadership and medical help. Percocet are not fun and not for sleeping or driving. The rest of the world is realizing what the opioids are doing to our country and the White House seems to be having a big party. How seriously can our President be taking the Opioid Epidemic if the person he wants to lead such an important health care institution may have improper prescribing practices and substance/mental problems.

A question I have as a Doctor to Doctor Jackson: it seems as though you have a substance abuse problem & potential associated mental illness associated with the abuse, are you the right person to tell the world that our President is of sound mind and body. Would it be OK with you if our president drank 12 drinks a night or abused Percocet to sleep? The orange face of our President looks a lot like the orange faces of the chronic alcoholics I had as patients while working in Emergency Departments in Colorado and in the Bronx NYC. I have wondered about our Presidents face every time I see it since you gave him a clean bill of health.